Windows Application store has become highly popular with the arrival of Windows 8 Operating System. The Store contains an array of applications, but some of the applications are not work with it in a proper way. The most impacting Windows App problem is the apps installation failure or applications won’t work with Windows 8, followed by some error codes. If you are having any problems in getting applications on your Windows 8 OS, you can use following tricks to run applications in Windows 8.

  1. Create virtual machine

Windows 8 has its own copy of Hyper-v. If you are facing any problem in using any application in Windows 8, you can enable Hyper -v and create a virtual machine running a legal version of windows which helps you in running the application.

  1. Check application patches

If you are discovering any application compatibility problem, you should contact the application vendor and find for a Windows 8 patch. It will help you in resolving your problem. If you are unable to find a windows patch to resolve your problem, then you should simply call on technical support for Windows 8 and get these problems resolved easily.

  1. Install .NET framework3.5
  • When you install windows 8, 4.5 versions .NET frameworks is installed in your system automatically by default.
  • If you receive any .net framework-related error, you can simply check the control panel
  • Click on the programs folder.
  • Choose the option of turning windows feature on/off.
  • Windows display a list of components you can disable or enable.

Installing .NET framework will likely correct the issues you are facing. If this installation doesn’t work and you are still experiencing the same error in using applications in Windows 8 OS, you should simply consult a reliable Microsoft Windows customer support technicians and get your Windows problems resolved right away.

  1. Clear and reset windows store cache
  • If the app troubleshooter didn’t do the trick, the next step is clearing and resetting the windows store cache.
  • Tab or click the start button and type wsreset.
  • Right-click it and choose run as administrator.
  • It should then launch the windows store and allow browsing.
  • Now try downloading a new app or opening an existing app.
  1. Windows troubleshoot the problem.

Windows 8 has a utility program which helps in resolving the applications “won’t work “error. Program Compatibility Troubleshooter troubleshoots the problem automatically. You can run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter application by right-clicking on the problematic app and choosing the Troubleshoot Compatibility command from the shortcut menu.

However, if you want to receive maximum satisfaction, you should consult a certified technician for getting reliable support for your problems. These proficient and certified specialists solve your errors instantly, so you can use applications in your Windows 8 OS in an organized manner.


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